AutoVoice Pro v2.0.46 Android

AutoVoice Pro v2.0.46 Android的 is an amazing application for Android users. Create custom voice commands for Google Now and automate everything with your voice.

  • Create a new Tasker profile- Set the command filter- Create Task- Done
  • Works with most Bluetooth headsets
  • Simple way of starting voice recognition 从任何地方, so voice commands are always easily accessible.
  • Setup complex tasks with multiple voice commands or start recognizing in specific situations
  • Super flexible setup for super powerful profiles
  • Redirect all phone audio to your Bluetooth headset
  • React to the ambient noise around you

What’s New in v2.0.46 Apk

  • Added option to run AutoVoice Google Now integration in the foreground
  • Bug修复

AutoVoice Pro v2.0.46 Apk