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Cast Video(Including Live Video), 音频(Including Live Audio) and Photo from Web, Local Device and Digital Media Servers(DLNA/UPNP) to ChromeCast, DLNA Media Renderer(Like XBMC, Smart TV/Bluray players etc) and Air Play.

Cast live tv / live streaming / live radio from websites/Plex plugins to Chromecast, XBMC, 苹果电视, and Other DLNA devices, if supported by DLNA device. Some of the websites we tested are ustvnow, nimbletv, tunein, shoutcast,, channels) 还有很多.

If you have a problem, please contact us at [email protected], we will solve/help or refund you (如果, with in 24 hours of purchase), Please do not leave a 1 star review.

注意: Flash streams are not supported.

简单的界面,浏览媒体网络, 历史和收藏夹选项可以轻松地书签您最喜爱的网站. 只要按下播放按钮, 选择您的设备,以演员和享受您的内容. 请注意, the browser is highly custom made for casting purposes, it may forceclose on some heavy javascript oriented sites, we are working on to fix this issue. Just reopen the browser, you will be on the page where you left.
★★ Supports live video streaming(.m3u8) contents from websites, like,, youtube live etc.
★★ Supports live audio streaming(.MP3) contents from websites, like, etc.
★★ Supports casting picture(including .gif) 从任何网站, just long press on the picture, 选择一个设备到铸.
★★ Supports any audio/video content embeded in webpages, 在页面上只要按下播放按钮, 选择一个设备到铸.
★★ Supports playing embeded audio/video content to external players like MX Player (useful in watching unsupported formats in local device)
★★ Easily bookmark your favotite websites, switch between different
★★ Receive(including video links) links from other applications, like browser, chrome2phone or other apps or share the web page to other apps.
★★ switch easily between common mobile user agents, 在寻找合适的视频非常有用. (Tip: If you come across rtsp video for live streams, switch to other user agents to get .m3u8)
★★ 搜索和发送字幕(only for Chromecast) from community erated Opensubtitles.

Easily cast your local audio/video/photo content to other devices in your network and browse content from other digital media server (such as plex, windows media player, XBMC, bubbleupnp, 等等) contents.

通道, some of the popular video rss feeds from reddit,, and other web based video feeds (more channels to come in future and also, we will add an option to create/add user’s own channel(小号) in future).
请注意, Channels are aggregated RSS contents from external websites, availability may depends on the source web sites, some items may be offline during certain times and some contents may have geo restrictions.

注意: some of the plex channels(like PBS, are supported only via web interface(

Following are the formats we tested and found to be working in respective devices:
的Chromecast: Live Video(.m3u8), Live Audio(only mp3 encoded), 视频 (MP4, webm), 音频(MP3), 图片(.JPEG, .GIF, .PNG)
苹果电视: Live Video(.m3u8), Live Audio(AAC and mp3 encoded), 视频 (MP4), 音频(mp3 and AAC), 图片(.JPEG)
DLNA Media Renderers (XBMC): Live Video(.m3u8), Live Audio(AAC and mp3 encoded), 视频 (MP4, webm, flv, OGG), 音频(MP3, AAC), 图片(.JPEG)
DLNA Media Renderers (Smart TV/Bluray Players): 视频 (MP4), 音频(MP3), 图片(.JPEG)

Please leave your feedback/suggestions at [email protected].
We are not affiliated with any of the websites or products mentioned above.
这个 应用 does not claim DLNA (or any other protocols mentioned above) certified.
The contents listed by this app are not hosted/uploaded by us, This app only facilitates the search from web.


Bug fixes for channels and web browser.
Major rework on browser part, 现在支持分页浏览.
Transcoding support for mms, rtsp and rtmp live streams and unsupported formats (公测).
Added File Browser option forLocal Device”.
Option added for enabling local server for DLNA sharing(No more default sharing).
twitch streams not casting error fixed.

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