Modded Google Play Store:

With modded Play Store you can use protected apps with Google License Verification Library without cracking them, you can verify a license in offline mode, you can disable self-update, and much more!

注意 :
A rooted device is required to install modded play store. Please download lucky patcher before installing modded Google Play. If you receive any “Force close” dialog, you have to clear cache and data of Google Play Store.

Here you can 下载 the different versions of Modded Google Play apk for Android的.

Download Modded GooglePlay 11.8.09 APK

Download Modded GooglePlay 10.7.19 APK

Download Modded GooglePlay 9.8.07 APK

Download Modded GooglePlay 9.7.11 APK

Download Modded GooglePlay 9.2.11 APK

Download Modded GooglePlay For TV

Here you can下载 the different versions ofOriginal Google Play apk 为Android.

Download Original GooglePlay 11.8.09 APK

Download Original GooglePlay 10.7.19 APK

Download Original GooglePlay 9.8.07 APK

Download Original GooglePlay 8.9.24 APK

Download Original GooglePlay 8.3.42 APK