Dual WhatsApp Plus APK

The description of Dual WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp is now a major source of sending and receiving messages. It’s become a trend to chat with friends. 90% of young people are now using whatsapp application on their phone and they use it regularly. People are now becoming addicted whatsapp. In 2015, the messaging application WhatsApp is the most popular worldwide with more than 700 million active users.

Here now comes the biggest question on everyone’s mind is that

we can use some whatsapp in mobile ??
we can use dual sim whatsapp ??
Can we have a double whatsapp account ??
we can use a second account on the single phone whatsapp ??

The more questions arise. So here we have a solution to your question. The solution is Ogwhatsapp & whatsmapp Solo.

Features Og Whatsapp apk latest version & Whatsmapp Solo:

* The most important feature of the application is that it used to have 2 accounts in one device whatsapp
* Whatsapp for dual sim
* There is no root access required
* Easy to install and use
* Facility to backup and restore your messages Data
* You can select the application icon in Ogwhatsapp apk latest version
* Whatsmapp solo apk is having an inbuilt backup restore messages from the facility where you can instantly restore all you messages whatsapp
* Many other features

This application will guide how to install Gwhatsapp & Whatsmapp Solo is complete.

双WhatsApp的加V1.2.1 APK