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Near real time seismic events notification. Analyze seismic activity by plotting on the graph various seismic data spanning from hours to days, month and years.

  • Push notification with custom filter to receive only events that meet your criteria.
  • Earthquake historical data back to 1900 to analyze by using filters as magnitude, depth, location and time.
  • Voice announcer will speak event parameters so you don’t have to read each time an earthquake take 地点.
  • See at a glance global seismic activity in real time by using double bar charts. There are two charts: frequency and magnitude. For a complete overview, each chart displays activity vs calmness by using double colored bars.


new tool: is there a link between Moon position, phase and earthquakes? With this new tool, it is now possible to easily observe and study this phenomena.
特征: display the Moon phase, illumination and position on the map. Real Time and @Event Time e and more… (公测)
new feature: display real-time statistical analysis of earthquakes frequency and magnitude for last 24 小时;
– 固定: out of memory bug.
other improvements


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