GO天气预报 & 小工具 5.764 APK

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GO天气预报 & 小工具 5.764 APK

GO Weather has arrived! 重新创建UI和UX,以满足您的各种需求天气信息! 享受的细节之美,看到天气信息可以多美! 为了获得最佳的性能, we recommend running Android的 版 2.3 以上.

Weather Forecast Widget – Over 50 million users’ choice with a high rating of 4.5 of all weather apps on the android marketplace, that is GO Weather Forecast & 小工具!

Weather Share – tell the whole world that “It is my 地点 在世界上, it is my life!”

■Free Features
– Accurate and local forecasts for 100,000+ 全球各地
- 多于 1000 个性化主题 (keep increasing)
– Discover and share the beauty around you with the whole world by submitting them in Photo Sharing
– Interactive dynamic maps, radar and satellite images for specific cities
– Multiple cities feature is perfect for a trip plan
– Detailed weather report, including time, 日期, feeling like, 高 & low temperature, 风, 湿度, 能见度, 日出和日落, 恶劣天气警报, 等等.
- 2*1, 4*1, 4*2 current weather widgets & 4*1, 4*2 future weather forecast widgets
– Widget themes and live wallpaper for 7+ weather conditions in day and night mode: sunny, rainy, snowy, thunder, cloudy, overcast and foggy
– Share your current weather info with your friends by taking a picture

■Pro Features
– Probability of precipitation forecast
– No sponsored messages or Ads
– World clock integrated to display current time and weather info for selected cities
– 24-hour & 10-day detailed weather forecast
– Exclusively designed widget themes for Premium Version (keep increasing)

This weather forecast app supports up to tens of thousands of cities in which you can get the most accurate weather information, detailed weather report, accurate weather forecast, interactive maps image, incredibly beautiful user interface with variety of widget themes and live wallpapers. With this application installed on your android phone, you can get the latest weather information anywhere and anytime.

1.I have downgraded from premium to free. How do I get the paid version back?
Logon the account you paid for your premium version before > Enter advanced features intro page > Select the payment method you chose before > Your billing info & payment record being checked> Upgrade to the premium after successful checking

– Positioning accuracy optimization and speed improvement
- Bug修复和性能改进
Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about GO Weather.

应用程序名称 : GO天气预报 & 小工具
包裹名字 : com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.weatherwidget
开发人员: GO Dev Team X
启.md5 : 9d203eb35e7d9281457162f75d4fc843
APK大小 :15.90MB
在更新Play商店 :游行 15, 2017
版本名称 & 码: 5.754 (224)

要求:3.0 最多

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