谷歌Play商店 5.6.8 APK

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谷歌Play商店 5.6.8 APK

谷歌播放, which was originally born and referred to by Google as the Android的 市场, is Google’s official store and portal for Android apps, 游戏和其他内容您的Android手机或平板电脑. 正如苹果公司的应用程序商店, 谷歌已经在谷歌Play商店. 这是一个巨大 地点 它提供了很多的内容,其用户, 但不要担心, 虽然. Android Central is here to help!

The Play Store has Apps, 游戏, 音乐 & 更多!

Before we get to the meat, let’s talk a few minutes about the Google Play Store and cover some basic settings. Google Play is the big Googly umbrella that covers the Android app store, Play Music, Play Books, Play Magazines and Play Movies and TV. You’ll find each of these apps installed individually on your phone or tablet, along with the stand alone Google Play application where you can download and purchase apps and media. Not every service is available in every country, so you might be missing one or more of the items. That’s something Google is constantly working on, and we hope all the services roll out across the globe soon.

We’re going to cover each of the apps individually below, but there are a few general settings in the Google Play app you’ll want to set before you get started.

Open the Google Play application on your phone or tablet —and you’ll need to be logged in with a Google account at this point —and either with the menu button if your phone has one, or the action overflow indicator (three dots in the upper right) look for the line item that says “Settings” and tap it. You’ll be faced with a few things you can set, and most of them are geared towards Android applications. We’ll talk about those all in turn, but for now we want to look at the portion labeled “User Controls.”

These are global settings for all areas of the store, and you’ll want to make sure you have them set the way you like. Under Content filtering you can select whether or not to show apps that may have adult material. Google doesn’t allow porn or hate-speech in the Play Store, but there are quite a few apps with subject matter you might not be comfortable seeing, or not suitable for the kids. Be sure to set this accordingly.

The next item is marked Password, and having it checked means that you’ll need to enter your Google account password to make in-app purchases. This can be pretty important, especially if you let youngsters or a smart phone novice play games on your phone and they aren’t aware that these can cost real money. If the box is unchecked, you can make those purchases without having to enter your credentials each time.

Once you have those settings to your liking, you’re ready to tackle the Play store.

File Properties:
文档名称: Google-Play-Store 5.4.12.apk
版: 5.4.12
上传: 四月 17, 2015 在 1:31AM GMT + 00
文件大小: 10.7兆字节 (11,194,863 字节)
最小Android版本: Android的 2.3+ (姜饼, API 9)
MD5: 40bdd920a3a3d2acf432e3c5b485eb11
SHA1: cce068276afd40aef0175a7c21976005ebddcbeb

Dear Users!
The ded Version of the Google Play Store v5.4.12 is introduced byt the famous Russian Hacker name ChelpuS, the owner of Lucky Patcher.
Now with the ded APK you don’t need to worry about the liscense of the games and apps, but you must root your android device first to use APK of Google Play Store.


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