Guru Mann Fitness 1.0 APK

Guru Mann is an Advanced Fitness Expert from California, US. He has designed over 15 complete fitness programs. Thousands of people have transformed their body by following his programs. He has launched programs for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Home Workout, Body Weight Workout including for those who are suffering from medical condition like: Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc with veg and non veg nutrition plan.
In this 应用, you will all the information about exercises of fat loss and muscle ing for gym and home workout.
-Nutrition plans for men and women
-Nutrition videos and PDF’s
-Exercises for every single muscle
-Workout plans for men and women
-Workout videos and PDF’s
-Workout monthly Playlist
-Workout & Nutrition Plan based on Body Weight and Goal
-Weekly Transformation pictures of the App users.
-Weekly Polls & Quiz.
Everything is FREE

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版本名称 & 码: 1.0 (116)

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