MagicPix Pro Camera HD v1.9 Apk

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MagicPix Pro Camera HD is simply the most powerful and innovative camera app that allows quick and better capture of photos and videos. Our powerful algorithms allows excellent organization and management of your pictures and videos. Create gorgeous pictures or selfies with professional quality photo editing features, and view and organize them effectively. Improve video capture quality by allowing camera flash to be turned on under low light situations. This app will be the first choice for 100s of millions of users around the world! 支持的.

– Simple and uncluttered interface. Well designed icons that disappear to ensure maximum viewing area.
– Use your Android的 Smartwatch to remotely control your smartphone camera. Mind blowing feature that allows flash control, camera switching, video/photo switching remotely from your smartwatch!
– Voice-activated control for your smartphone camera shutter, switching camera e, video/photo etc.
– Better light performance: Take better videos utilizing built in camera flash for improved lighting.
– Take pictures in HDR e!
– Zoom with pinch control.
– Geotagging – capture geographic location on the pictures.
– Autofocus: Focus your pictures by clicking or tapping on the screen at the desired area.
– Use a countdown timer including remote timer through smartwatch.
– Silent shutter e.
– User friendly photo organization. Photos and videos are automatically classified into editable albums that can be edited by the user. Search and caption photos easily. Enjoy pictures in a slideshow.
– Many additional features: Transform simple pictures or selfies into masterpieces using various professional quality photo editing es, 照片滤镜, 白平衡, color balance, sharpen and blur, photo frames. Instantly share using Email, 蓝牙, Google+的, Facebook的, 推特, tumblr, 谷歌驱动器, Dropbox的, Instagram的, Whatsapp and other apps that are installed on your phone.

– Added Voice Activated Controls
– Added Live Histogram View

需要Android: 4.1 最多