MP3 Player with Audiobooks support.
Bookmarks, variable speed playback, A-B repeat, equalizer, scrobbling, etc.

Supported audio formats : mp3, OGG, wav (8/16bit pcm)
– Doesn’t support MP3 files downloaded by TubeMate. See Q&A.


* Browse and play your audio by folders, 播放列表, albums, artists, and genres

* Tempo control (variable speed playback)
You can change tempo from 0.25x to 4.00x with the same pitch.

* Pitch control (audio key changer)
You can change pitch from -0.5 至 +0.5 octave (-6.00 至 +6.00 semitones).

* Bookmarks

* Auto playback history

* Fast-forward/rewind

* Sleep timer

* Visualizer

* Widgets

* Selectable themes

* ICS lockscreen support
(requires 安卓 4.0 最多)

* musiXmatch FloatingLyrics support

* Vocal remover (for center-panned vocals)
You can use it for karaoke.

and more …

You can activate the following extra features by purchasing Unlocker.

* No banner ads
* Tempo from 0.25x to 5.00x
* Pitch from -2 至 +2 octaves (-24.00 至 +24.00 semitones)
* Bass Booster
* Reverb Presets

2.5.1 (March 9, 2015)
* new option: headset next/prev button action
* new option: headset double/triple press action
* some other small improvements

要求: 2.3.3 最多, ded Google Play Store or Lucky Patcher