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Meteor Swipe was originally inspired by the Ubuntu phone OS and it is now one of the best sidebar apps available for Android的. Create multiple sidebars for your most used apps and favorite contacts.

Some Android variations like MIUI and Flyme OS might require you to manually grant a permission to use floating windows. Please try to open the app info in the system preferences and then look for a disabled option/permission that might be related with floating windows.

  • panels.
  • 支持 适用于应用, 快捷键, 往来 & other actions.
  • Folders.
  • Floating 小工具.
  • 主题.
  • 图标 packs supported.
  • Various trigger es.
  • Blacklist.
  • & keyboard supported.
  • 外挂程式 (Missed It! & Glovebox Unread Counter).


Meteor Swipe 1.9:
新: Option to open a specific panel by trigger,
新: Trigger settings page;
新: Improved panel animations & 用法;
新: 备用 & import option;
新: Option to use Meteor Swipe only on home launcher;
固定: Floating widget icons not themed;
固定: New apps showing up automatically;
固定: Bug fixes and improvements;
More coming soon


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