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Powerful Music Player for Android的. 后级是Android一个功能强大的音乐播放器.

- 播放MP3, MP4 / M4A (含. 花边的), OGG, WMA *, 后手, WAV, 猿, WV, 小号, MPC, AIFF (* 一些wma pro文件可能需要NEON支持)
- 10 适用于所有支持格式的频段优化图形均衡器, 预设, 自定义预设
–立体声扩展, 单声道混合, 平衡
–歌词支持, 包括通过musiXmatch插件搜索歌词
–支持m3u, m3u8, 请, wpl播放列表
- 4 具有许多可选样式的小部件类型, 高级定制; Android的 4.2 锁屏小部件
–耳机支持, 在耳机和/或BT连接上自动恢复 (可以在设置中禁用)
– visual themes, including support for external/3rd party skins

This Beta is feature complete release. Few things are missing though, like incomplete translations

Changes (from Beta-preview):
• all Library categories, including all the actions
• Dark Skin + per skin options – Pro Buttons, Static Wave Seekbar
• Poweramp can be shown on lockscreen (vs separate lockscreen UI previously)
• support for multiple item selection / actions in all categories, including Search
• new per-artist selectable and downloadable images
• new Low Rated category
• Folders Hierarchy (and many others) category can be enabled via Library menu => List Options
• removed ringtone action / removed per-song equalizer preset assignment
• per-output assigned presets now applied on output change and Poweramp start (previously were applied on each track change as well)
• improved headset button handling for Android 8.0+
• dynamic playlists (例如. Recently Played, Top Rated, 等等) now can have more than 200 items as in v2
• Lenovo X3 ESS DAC 24bit support
• OpenSL HD Output renamed to OpenSL Hi-Res Output
• settings were reorganized slightly
• landscape layouts added

应用程序名称 : 功放
包裹名字 : com.maxmpz.audioplayer
开发人员: maxmp
启.md5 : 7354ff3bc19c027f1565c8ffacc4e14c
APK大小 : 5.33 兆字节
在更新Play商店 : 10 八月 2018
版本名称 & 码: beta-build-793-play (793)

要求: 5.0+