透过Runtastic PRO运行, 健身v9.10.1 APK

4AppsApk.com尽量给的最新版本 "透过Runtastic PRO运行, 健身v9.10.1 APK" 为你的Android手机. 这个应用程序属于Android应用类别. 这个APK文件最后更新于十一月 17, 2019 在 10:38 上午. 选择从下面直接下载链接下载,开始获取apk文件 "透过Runtastic PRO运行, 健身v9.10.1 APK", 然后将文件移动到你的Android手机的SD卡,并使用一个文件管理器,你喜欢浏览和安装. 你需要的Android 4.0.3 或更高版本安装此应用.

运行你的个人跟踪的应用, 骑自行车等体育活动!

透过Runtastic PRO运行, 身体素质

运行你的个人跟踪的应用, 骑自行车等健身活动!

该透过Runtastic sportscoach使用内置GPS来映射你的活动,并跟踪进度 (距离, 时间, 速度, 卡路里, 高度, 步伐, 等等). Show your friends how active you are and share your success with them.

Runtastic Pro Apk it uses the built in GPS to map your activities and track your progress (距离, 时间, 速度, 卡路里, 高度, pace etc). Show you friends how active you are and share your success with them.


  • Voice feedback during a workout.
  • Show your friends and family where you are
  • Hear cheers and receive messages live from your friends and can be motivated to go even further
  • Polar wearlink, Bluetooth and Zephyr rate monitor
  • Split table with dynamic mile and kilometer split
  • Set a specific calorie goal and use the voice feedback to reach your workout goal
  • Define your favorite pace
  • Take pictures during a workout and see these pictures online at your map trace
  • Receive live weather information and save 天气数据 automatically after a workout
  • Prediction of sunset and sunrise
  • Personal workout ad metrics
  • Detailed live mapping and historic mapping of previous sessions
  • Display preferred statistics
  • Get charts with altitude, 步伐, speed and heart rate information
  • Performance analysis with lap times
  • Set goals for time and distance
  • Accurate calculation of elevation gain and loss

Runtastic Pro v5.2.1 Apk

What’s New in v5.2.1 Apk

  • View real activity stats on your Runtastic orbit
  • Android的 穿 积分
  • 小错误修复和性能改进


  • Bye, Bye Runtastic PRO
  • This is the last update for the Runtastic PRO app. No worries though! Just switch over to the free version of the Runtastic app. Use the same login and all your training history will be there + your already purchased PRO features!

Runtastic Pro v5.2.1 Apk

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