Shoot v1.1 Apk amazing application for Android的 users.This camera is all about enabling you to take control over your Android device in an intuitive and powerful way, and getting the best photos possible out of it for direct use or further post processing.

Shoot is also a brand new application and there’s a long list of exciting stuff that we want to invent, develop and improve. We hope that you want to be a part of that.

Application features:

  • Auto metering lock with pressed shutter button
  • Black shadows live warning
  • Blown highlights live warning
  • Real time histogram for camera preview
  • Current auto or manual exposure details
  • 自拍 (1 - 20 小号)
  • Burst captures
  • JPEG image captures optimized for post processing (low processing output mode)
  • RAW image captures (.dng file format)
  • Manual white balance
  • Manual ISO sensitivity
  • Manual shutter speed/exposure time (shutter priority)
  • Manual exposure compensation (EV +/-)
  • Continuous auto focus (AF) and manual focus
  • Accessible auto exposure (AE) tuning before capture
  • Vibration feedback (won’t introduce image blurring)
  • Cable and remote shutter release via headset and bluetooth headset button
  • Geotagging (gps, cell network or wifi based)
  • Detailed camera device information

Shoot v1.1 Apk