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Multi-languages supported with sound editing.Set,shorten music to make ringtones.Using as song cut and paste app,best song cutter app for 安卓.

  • Cut song and Cut music files stored on the device,better then tone downloader make a creative tone or Edit music,Slice Music.Music Tag editor,song mixer,Song cutter and mixer.
  • Supports all song formats MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A,奥格.
  • Cut video,Song mixer,song cutter and paste,Music separator.
  • Woks perfectly as song cutter and mixer,Voice editor.
  • Just like ringtone wiz,Works with full productively and effectively.
  • Use as best ringtone maker.Generate Video mix from saved,download video.
  • Set any music file to as default tone or catering notification or alarm upto baseline.
  • Easily share Video trimmer and delete file.And Set With audio video,music split.
  • Audio editing features Filter at millisecond-level perfect song cut, and merge,two song mixer after cut.
  • Best working as song cut and paste app.Better usage compare to ringtone maker wiz app.
  • Option to Rename the new created song while saving it.
  • Make creative and video switcher to impress your friends and also share with them.
  • Song Cutter, Audio Editor, Ringtone maker,catering,Music Editor, Slicer,mixer.
  • Edit Song and make clip using this song cutter app.
  • Make template from cut video using this software of ringtone maker wiz,video trimmer.


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