Sygic maps selector FULL v2.0.3

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Sygic maps selector FULL v2.0.3

We have two kinds of maps: Nauteq (NQ) and TeleAtlas (TT).

At the very beginning we have in the directory Sygic two default directories for maps Maps_TT and Maps_NQ.

First run Sygic maps selector which offers me to choose the pathes to Maps_TT and Maps_NQ / 存储 / extSdCard / Sygic (via the explorer)

If you press NQ app automatically renames Maps_NQ to Maps, Maps_TT let it go and start Sygic.
If you press the TT, Maps selector” automatically renames Maps_TT to Maps, Maps_NQ let it go and start Sygic.


Fixed bug with AD on rooted devices.