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TUFFS Notification Shortcuts is a quick-launcher app that allows you to add Shortcuts of the apps and 安卓 system shortcuts to the notification area.
No doubt, many of you may be using some utility to quickly get to the apps you care about.
Most of them having background service running all the time.

TUFFS do not use any background service, no advertisements, no random internet acccess.

Its Smart shortcut maker app that creates app shortcuts in notification to fast and easy access of your favorite apps.

TUFFS Features:
1. 材料设计, Simple light UI with options those are easy to use.
2. No background service, no advertisements, 不能访问网络.
3. Full customization options
4. Add Apps shortcuts, direct call to a contact, direct messaging to a contact, a shortcut to a URL, many more.
5. Option to change the Icons, 形状, 颜色, label etc.
6. Option to hide notification from Lockscreen
7. Auto start Notification shortcut on reboot.
8. Number of Smart Shortcuts.
9. 主题

puts apps shortcuts to quickly access them. Application shortcuts will remain on top of notification all the time.

CALL_PHONE permission added to work Direct Dial Shortcut.

More Language supported now.
德语, 俄语, 意大利, 土耳其, 法国, 印度尼西亚, 波斯语, 希伯来语, 瑞典, 葡萄牙语 (PT and BR) 和 (他加禄语, 菲律宾)

尺寸 : 1.8中号
当前版本 : 2.4
需要Android : 4.1 最多
Offered By : Yogesh Dama