UCAM-甜自拍相机 APK

UCam Camera is the fastest, easiest camera on market. The best Filter & Selfie effect.
More than 80,000,000 users are enjoying UCam Camera, Why they always choosing UCam Camera?
★ This Camera 应用 has over 80,000,000 users and 11 languages !
★ Fast and easyThis Camera can auto recognize the view, Just need press the shutter and wait a second!
★ Auto enhanceHigh quality picture It`s just like What you see in the eye!
★ Selfie CameraMagic beauty while retaining the natural look of your skin!
★ Photo editingMore than three hundred Fancy stickerframemagazine cover and so on.
★ Effect CameraThe most popular filter We all collect in it!
★ All social 工具 支持 !
Come to our Facebook and Start a cool life!
▶ HTTPS://www.facebook.com/ucamera.camera
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Smart Camera
Smart camera can Auto recognize and enhance what`s kind of scenery you are take intelligentlyYou won`t do anything but press the shutter,Smart Camera will give you a high quality picture. E.g. fill in light on dark 地点, more colorful on the landscape, Auto Natural beautification on portrait and so on.
Easy like a point-and-shoot camera!
Magic Beauty Camera
Natural beautificationAutomatic face detection + Skin detection + Instant makeup effect
To be “IT Girl” !
Monster Camera
Use monster camera to make fun of someone`s face to be a monster or taking a photo to have a twin sister/bother, 等等 ,That`s so easy ,a lot of fun in this e.
Scenery Camera
Using a camera taking amazing photo frame/magazine/advertisement board to it. You can be a big star!
Panorama Camera
To use a camera app can take professional panoramic photos of all view you want!
Records of sweet memory with your family!
Collage Camera & Picture Edit
 Collage CameraCombine your favorite photos, awesome stickers, fun fonts, self-portrait and the ability to share to your favorite social network
Strongly edit featuresoften/whiten skin,trim face, eyes enlarge, perfect text, bubble and label, hundreds of frames, textures, decors and so on.
Social tools Support
Support Facebook, 推特, Flickr的, Tumblr, Mixi, Sina Weibo, QZone, Wechat, Wechat Moments…
Strong Support Team
All these are in UCam, the only camera you need!

1.Better Performance
2.Bugs Fixed

应用程序名称 : UCAM-甜自拍相机
包裹名字 : com.ucamera.ucam
启.md5 : e25e6e20344ff02d4e490d6889573d20
APK大小 : 23.10 MB
在更新Play商店 :February 10, 2017
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要求: 2.2 最多

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