Dark Avenger Apk premiere MORPG for mobile. Join tens of thousands of players in the ultimate hack n slash dungeon crawler. Discover 4 unique classes to fight the evil.


  • Choose from the Templar, Archer, Berserker and Sorceress in your fight against new evils that have awoken.
  • 过度 10 million players are fighting the evil every day.
  • Brilliant 3D graphics featured in full HD with dynamic lightning.
  • Side camera view feature added for dynamic game play.
  • Play simultaneously with 3 other players in Boss Raid mode.
  • Formulate strategies with all 4 heroes to defeat the new and advanced World bosses.
  • No wait times and queues. Players can join anytime in epic real time 3:3 death matches.
  • Play and compete in the warlord match.
  • Accumulate wins/losses and kill/deaths to compete in the weekly ranking for awesome rewards.
  • Compete against the best players around the world every week.
  • Reach new heights and become the ultimate warrior.
  • Meet new event bosses at certain floors.
  • The brand new semi targeting system allows players to maximize the in game experience.
  • Combine full effects and skills in a devastating combo to fend off multiple enemies at once.

What’s New in v1.3.2 Apk

  • New icon.
  • 447 new items (Weapons, Armors, Accessories).
  • Ancient items max upgrade level display has been fixed.

Dark Avenger v1.3.2 Apk

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