Dinosaur Sniper Hunter HD v1.7 ApkDinosaur Sniper Hunter HD v1.7 Apk

Dinosaur Sniper Hunter HD Apk There used to be a time when world was ruled by the domination of Earth’s mightiest creatures ever. No living creature was able to to challenge the reign of dinosaurs, huge monsters that raved rampage on Earth for thousands of years before falling deep into the Earth’s depths.

All that’s left of their monstrosities in their minor remains. But what if this prehistoric time comes back to raise havoc on Earth one more. Will the human race be ready be ready to thrive if this wilderness was to return to our time.


  • Kills hordes of dinosaur with guns and powerups
  • Reach personal best score in endless mode of the game
  • Use the device settings to assign sensitivity options
  • 分享 your progress on 社会 media
  • Get a more divulging gaming experience with Google Play 游戏 service
  • Keep track on your progress in the game with leaderboards and unlockable achievements

What’s New in v1.7 Apk

  • Minor bug fixes and game play enhancements
  • Improved environment rendering
  • Added detail level of Dinosaurs
  • New weapons selection Menu with assault rifle and shotgun
  • Re textured dinosaurs for optimal gaming performance
  • Added various animations and sound effects on weapons and dinosaurs
  • 修正了一些小错误

Dinosaur Sniper Hunter HD v1.7 Apk

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