Evolution Battle for Utopia v1.4 Apk

Evolution Battle for Utopia Apk Unprecedented action, RPG and strategy in one game. A huge world, highest level graphics and countless possibilities. Feel the new gaming experience right now.


  • Fight your enemies in real time, using a unique combat system. Shoot enemies, seeing their moves in perspective. Although it has the strength of an action game, the combat system is simple to master and does not require lightning reactions.
  • Build a base and protect it from attacks with a fortification system. Then use the accumulated technological power in battle.
  • Terraform the planet. Unique extraterrestrial civilization technology is in your hands. Turn lifeless land into green oases with its unique flora and fauna.
  • Build an installation to run continental ballistic missiles to overwhelm enemies the size of a skyscraper.
  • Explore the world of one of the biggest 游戏 in the history of Android的 planet Utopia hides many surprises. Uncover all its secrets during exciting adventures.
  • Develop and equip your character to defy the most dangerous inhabitants of the planet.
  • Fight in the company of faithful allies, including the robot dog named Fido.
  • Break open the storage to find valuable resources. Multiply your wealth by opening electronic locks with a special interface.
  • Communicate with your allies and enemies. A trusted team of 4 will follow you from the beginning of the adventure. In your journey, you will meet dozens of characters, whom you can talk and fight with.

Evolution Battle for Utopia v1.4 Apk

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