Fightback v1.8.0 Apk

Fightback Apk – Thus have kidnapped your sister but they have picked on the wrong guy, It’s time to fightback. From the award winning developer ninja theory comes a new standard in mobile fighters. Stunning visuals, unique controls and a vibrant design come together to bring you the pinnacle of mobile, fighting 游戏.

Punch, kick and combo your way through this rotten city using Fightback revolutionary gesture based touchscreen controls, this is mobile fighting done right.

When flying fists and feet won’t do, bring out the big guns, Unload dual pistols, pump action shotguns, explosive bazookas and more. Unlock body armors and tattoos to boost your stats.

Scal each skyscraper one floor at a time. Immerse yourself in Fightback 80’s action movie style by knocking out baseball bat wielding punks and psychotic quarterbacks in a variety of unique backdrops.

Play Endless mode to fill up your bank account, Take on waves of thugs for as long as you can last, Compete against your Facebook的 friends to determine who is the ass kicking champion.


  • 过度 100+ levels of floor to floor fist fighting
  • A new mobile experience from console developer Ninja Theory
  • Punch, Kick and combo using gesture touchscreen controls
  • Kit out your characters with vests, tattoos, guns and more
  • Play all day and rack up cash in Endless e and compete with your friends
  • Stunning High Quality 3D visual effects

Fightback v1.8.0 Apk

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