Metal Slug Defense Apk the pinnacle of 2D action shooting on Neogeo returns in a Tower defense/Strategy game on Android的. Command your troops in order to seize the throne of the world’s best Metal Slug player.


  • Send your unit to the battlefield and take over enemy bases with a simple tap of your finger.
  • Use the Metal Slug attack, along with the other unique special attacks to turn the tide in battle and the goddess of victory will smile upon you.
  • At the beginning of the game, only the Regular Army’s units are available, but Morden’s soldiers will join your ranks later on. Limited units that can only be acquired via rare events or specific conditions are waiting for you as well.
  • Metal Slug Defense features more than 100 background stages faithfully created from classic metal slug titles. Clear them all to reply stages with the new units in battle and obtain more rewards.
  • Customize your units in order to increase your chances to win the war. Change and save your units at any time in the game via the easy and intuitive touch commands.
  • Enjoy Metal Slug Defense alone or with other users in Online Vs. Battles via the WiFi Feature. Win battles in order to improve your score, competing with players from around the world for highest ranking.

Metal Slug Defense v1.1.0 Apk

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