Netwars The Butterfly Attack v1.0.12025.60 Apk

Netwars The Butterfly Attack Apk they conduct a secret cross border cyber war exercise. But what starts out as a simulation suddenly becomes deadly serious. The story is anything but science fiction. The scenario is alarmingly real. The digital war affects every one of us and it’s happening right now.

ern wars are no longer conducted by tanks and airplanes only. The battlefield of today is virtual. A small tweak of a critical software may crash an airplane, blow up a power plant or bring a whole country to a standstill.

Max persons is head of a team called sixth column. For the European Defense agency, they have written a software called Chimera, a safety program to defend against an attack by cyber terrorists. In a simulation, one part of the team is to sabotage the water, energy and traffic systems of Norway. The others are supposed to repel the attack.

But the virtual game soon turns into a real cyber war. The Sixth column has been infiltrated by a group called Black. Does criminal hacker Nightshade have a hand in this??? And what are the intentions of the shadowy figure in the background.

The Butterfly Attack is released in three Episodes in the App store in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and German starting in May 2014.


  • Numerous animations, sound effects and interactive elements.
  • Revolutionary 3D parallax effect with motion sensor.
  • Intuitive controls.

Netwars The Butterfly Attack v1.0.12025.60 Apk

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