Snake Charmer v1.09 Apk

Snake Charmer Apk is a dynamic arcade game in which you need to collect prizes while avoiding touching the walls and crossing itself (except for Zen mode). Apart from the main prize, the apples there are secondary prizes as mouse, egg, mushroom. The Game has three modes : Classic (9 levels), Arcade( One life), Zen (Infinite)


  • In the settings you can choose the level at which you want to play for modes, Arcade and Zen.
  • In the settings, you can choose to control type, tap on the screen or swipes.
  • In the Classic mode, users should collect specified number of prizes in the limited time interval.
  • In Arcade mode, the user has only one try to score the most points.
  • In Zen, snake forgive any errors to user.
  • Character Snake Grows after eating apples or mouse.
  • Items
  • Snake grows by one segment. In the classic after you collect all the apples takes you to the next level.
  • A maximum of 120 points. The longer the mouse on the screen, the less points awarded. Eating mice leads to clear the screen from apples. Snake grows into two segments.
  • An extra life. If user has 5 lives, one egg equals +500 points.
  • Shortening the snake into 3 segments, Mushroom does not add any points.

Snake Charmer v1.09 Apk

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