Topia World Builder v1.0 Build 9 APK

Topia World Builder Apk - award winning Studio Crescent Moon 游戏 and Glenn Corpes, one of the creators of the original populous series of games, Comes Topia World Builder, a unique world ing sim, tailored for Android的 设备.

Topia World Builder is a world creation simulation. You become GOD and shape the land as you choose, by the use of touch controls. Swipe your fingers to create mountains, valleys, rivers and oceans. Watch trees grow, spawn thousands of animals and watch them live and die on the planet of your creation.


  • 简单, easy to use controls.
  • Create mountains.
  • Create valleys.
  • Create rivers.
  • Create oceans.
  • Spawn various animal types.
  • Build enormous herds of animals.
  • Save your worlds so you can edit them later.
  • Change the color of land, water, sky.
  • Play in both portrait and landscape mode.

What’s New in v1.0 Build 9 APK

  • Prevent birds from getting stuck. Allow non predators to make revenge attack on predators.
  • Add immersive mode for Android versions which support it.
  • Added hint to users about graphic options under settings. This allows you to tweak the visual fidelity to get the best possible experience on your device.

Topia World Builder v1.0 Build 9 APK

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