Icon Pack HD Orbicons v4.0 Apk

Icon Pack HD Orbicons v4.0 Apk There are a vast number of theming options in this one pack, you have a choice of 8 color themed text Orbicons with 32 types of each, you have a further selection of simple colored Orbicons with simple white icons. Just long press an icon and you can select from the icon picker.


  • All new 应用 Interface
  • Every icon remade again at higher resolution
  • 600+ 新 Icons, now 1800 total
  • 10 新 wallpapers
  • New widgets
  • Updates to loads of icons
  • Added system icons for Sony,LG,Moto,Asus,三星,HTC
  • Vastly improved icon-masking
  • Activity update
  • Increased launcher 支持
  • Reduced app size by 5mb
  • Various other fixes and tweaks

Icon Pack HD Orbicons v4.0 Apk