Wave v3.1 Apk

Wave Apk - It features amazing colorful and smooth real time graphics.It is a fully customizable Live Wallpaper with more than 4,000,000 variations.

If you loved the background from your Playstation 3 (PS3), PSP or the new Sony Xperia phones, you will just love this wallpaper.


  • 7 different wave styles.
  • 11 color schemes (Including a Google theme and Random color change).
  • Freely adjustable image quality, frames per second, speed and much more.
  • Highly optimized renderer and smooth performance.

Unlike other wallpapers, this is not just a video playing in a look but a real OpenGL real time renderer.

What’s New in v3.01 Apk

  • 固定:
  • Graphic glitches on some devices.
  • Space can now be used.
  • Changed wave speed settings allows slower speeds now.
  • Changed as advertisements in online browser removed.

Wave v3.1 Apk

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